Monday, March 21, 2011

Special about Cheryl Kernot

They do not like that it is too much in the public, but here you find the comment from Stuart, 10/04/01, 1:16:08, post id 6718 on

"...Another observation about Kernot is that if she was male, following the publication of the details of the 'affair'  she had with a former student, she would have been labelled a pedophile and would no longer have a career as a politician."

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Heiner Affair


Dear Senator Madigan,
                     Congratulations to your election as Senator!
I herewith wish to bring to your attention, the Heiner-Affair. The whole affair is recorded on
following web-site:
and is the long-running controversy surrounding the Goss cabinet's 1990 shredding of documents
relating to child abuse - including the rape of a 14 year - old Aboriginal girl - after it
aborted an enquiry into the former John Oxley Youth Detention centre..... Continue reading on:
                     The latest scandal in this Heiner-Affair is that they want pay to the
victim ca. A $ 120.000 hush-money. However the victim wants her case heard in a criminal court.
Liston to that on Radio 4 BC:
                     The Hon. Mrs. Bronwyn Bishop MP wrote an article to this afair on follo-
wing web-site:
and as the 2004-Chairman of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Legal and Con-
stitutional Affairs recommended in the 2004-report that the Goss-Cabinet-members be prosecuted
in the same way Pastor Enderby was and that under the COAG-process ensure that allegations
relating to the abuse of children be kept for 30 years.
                     In the above-named article, The Hon. Mrs. Bronwyn Bishop MP also wrote,
that the huge report assembled by David Rofe QC could not been published to date, because some
of the material needs privilege.
                     The Brisbane Courier Mail of 12th March, 2008 reported under the headline
"Shredding affair under CMC scrutiny" by Margaret Weinham, page 16 as follows: -
                     "The Queensland Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee will today
consider a 10 volume audit of the 18 year - old Heiner controversy together with a 55 - page
request the matter again be reviewed. David Rofe QC, the Sydney - based author of the voluminous
audit, said yesterday its contents, dealing with that became notorious as the Shreddergate -
affair, were "dynamite"."
                      After more than 2 (two) years, we still do not know what the considera-
tions of the Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee (PCMC) are, as to Mr. David Rofe QC's
report. So does some of the material of David Rofe QC's report need privilege, because we do not
have a consideration of the PCMC? The majority of the PCMC-members are from the ALP and it looks
as if they will do anything to keep David Rofe QC's report out of public affairs!
                      Several comments were made by people to the above-named article of the
Hon. Bronwyn Bishop MP and a person, named "Des" made following comments to the article: -
                      "Goss maintains they destroyed the evidence to stop public servants from
suing each other. This is an admission of an offence in itself."..."There were at least, and pro-
bably many more, two active paedophiles in the Department of Family Services. These two paedo-
philes were part of a paedophile network operation Australia wide. A former ALP-politician, who
was recently released from jail, over paedophilia, was the ALP-pimp."..."There was also a network
of paedophiles operating at Qld. University."...etc..
                       If this statement by Des is true, it reflects badly on the ALP. Alone five
(5) ALP-Ministers and Members of parliament got exposed as paedophiles. Three got convicted, one
committed suicide and one woman got off the charges through the victim-boy, now a married man.
All recorded on:


                       The actions of the ALP in Queensland with regard to the Heiner-Affair cer-
tainly makes them suspicious and according to Des's comments, someone starts to believe the ALP
is an agent to cover-up paedophilia. It is hard to believe that the ALP in Queensland can go away
with this sort of offences, when citizens are getting punished for these sort of offences.
Neither "The Courier Mail" nor the ABC and other tv-stations do push this Heiner-Affair, because
they are very much in favour of the ALP-government. Also the Opposition in Queensland is not able
to nail the government with this Heiner-Affair and thus the ALP-Government in Queensland is above
the law. Australian Judges expressed their concern, that the framework of democracy is at stake,
in a letter to the then Premier of Queensland, the Hon. Peter Beattie MLA, which is published on
following web-site:
                        There is also no indication that PM J Gillard or Premier Dr. A Bligh will
do justice in this affair.
                        I hope, in your position as a Senator you may be able to join forces who
can do justice in this Heiner-Affair, so that democracy can be maintained.
                                                  Yours faithfully,
                                                  George Jolly